One Solution Approach for Intelligent Agents
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Planning as Inference

In this demonstration, we showcase the simultaneous navigation of multiple ships through a maze of islands. Each ship continually updates its environmental model and uses inference to determine its path while ensuring collision avoidance. The entire planning and decision-making process is automated using reactive Bayesian inference, facilitated by RxInfer .

Click or tap on the screen to start the demo.

Robotics & Control

A Cubli is a (here: 2-dimensional) frame equipped with a reaction wheel that can be controlled to generate rotational forces on the frame. In this example, you can destabilize the Cubli by clicking on the flashing circle located at the bottom-right. Our Bayesian agent will promptly respond and dynamically infer the appropriate control strategy to stabilize the system by adjusting the speed of the reaction wheel in real time.

Click or tap on the screen to destabilize the pendulum.

Audio Processing

In this demonstration, we disentangle a mixture of audio sources into the individual underlying sources. Using advanced reactive Bayesian inference techniques, our technology enables real-time and accurate separation of different audio components, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Click or tap on the screen to disentangle the audio.
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